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Offshore Manpower Supply


Viva Odyssey (VO) is an international provider of diversified Manpower Services with a focus on the Offshore labour force for the Vessel Maritime, Oil & Gas and construction industries. Concentrating on the core business, and deploying knowledge and manpower at the right moment are long time values in these sectors. VO has been the employment agency helping these industries meet these standards since as early as 2009. VO can help in the situation of critical capacity problems, and also as full service agency that can solve all personnel related issues on a structural and long term basis.


Over the years VO has built a solid and reliable relationship with our clients, which include both small and large companies within the maritime, offshore and technical sector. By carefully matching the proper highly qualified personnel with the correct job openings - from AB to Master, from Mechanic to Chief Engineer and from Welder to Construction Supervisor - we assure that both our clients and employees will be more that satisfied with our services. 


All our facilities are dedicated to providing MANPOWER SUPPORT SERVICES for the oil and gas industry and include the following:

  • Manufacture and repair of Drilling Tools and Oilfield Equipment
  • Servicing of Drilling Tools and Oilfield Equipment
  • BHA and Tubular inspection according to API and DS-1 Standards
  • Threading of Rotary Shouldered Connections on Drill Collars, Drill Pipes, Stabilisers, Drill Stem Stubs, Downhole Tools and Kellys
  • Pressure Testing Services
  • High pressure water blasting and grit blasting services available in-house for cleaning Tubulars and other oilfield equipment
  • Skilled Fabricators and Qualified welders undertake all kind of fabrication and welding works
  • Hardfacing, Brazing and Hardbanding
  • Inspection of Drilling Tools and Equipment by an independent Third Party inspection company both at our facility and at the Rig Site
  • NDT inspection services for MPI, DPI, UT Shear Wave, UT Thickness gauging
  • Sales and rental of Drilling, Fishing, Handling and other equipment
  • Management, receiving inspection and secure storage of oilfield tubulars and equipment


  • Adequate training of all employees
  • Adherence to proven procedures
  • Total commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements
  • Maintaining an organised culture that focuses on continual improvement.






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