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Training Management System (TRAMASYS)

Is your Safety Officer tied down in the office having to manage training records, monitoring personnel competency, track expiration of certificates, courses validity, and update the training matrix? We have the solution...System helps manage your training records systematically and reminds of certificate expiration promptly.


SMARTS is an ideal system to manage training records and tracking expiration. It will accurately report your competency and compliance level based on required training set by the industry, clients and In-house management. The database and training records can be managed and tracked remotely from any secured location. 


Training Matrix Management (TRAMASYS)

 Features :

Automatically tracks all Training Records:

  • Expiring Certificates - 2 Level notification
  • Expiring of Work Permit and SmartCard

Graphs & Business Statistics

  • Plots Graphs
  • Generate report in Excel format on demand

Staff Certificate/ Training Management

  • Upload certificates
  • Manage certificates
  • Renew certificates

Individual Staff Dash Board

  • Personal account for staff to login
  • Able to view own details/trainings
  • Able to edit own resume

Smart Tracker + Reminder

  • Matrix view of trainings for crew . Selectable by Rigs and training types
  • Automatic calculation of trainings : (Completed/Training category) ,(Total completed/Total training)
  • Dynamic link to update staff certificates: Able to sort Name, positions

Configuration Panel

  • Used to set system configurations.
  • Includes : Staff Positions Editor, Rigs Editor, Certificate Types Editor, Users Mgmt, etc
  • Configures settings for time period for expiry notifications.

Certificate Generator

  • A dashboard to create "In-house" certificates on the fly
  • Flow : Input Staff Name(s) - Select Certificate Type - Enter details (Expiry date) -Generate.

Staff Management

  • Create/Edit/Delete Personnel
  • Individual staff accounts
  • Online resume
  • Passport info, Work permit info, SmartCard / Offshore passport info etc




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