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Offshore Safety Development Program Trainees


HSE Offshore Development Program

TOPSHOT (Technical Offshore Petroleum Safety & Health Officer Training) 

The TOPSHOT development programs is a fast track program to develop the candidates to familiarise themselves with Offshore Safety requirements especially understanding of the drilling operations. Candidates will receive sufficient training in drilling operations and would have the necessary skill to conduct training on all the modules listed in Part 2 (2.1 - 2.6). This program is specifically created to expedite the process of developing local Offshore Safety Officers/Advisers to cater for the Drilling Industry. The participants are trained on detailed drilling modules and safety processes to meet the local demand for qualified safety officers who are well versed in the technical aspect of petroleum drilling. All training received is in accordance to SHELL IG Well Services standards. The programs will develop participants to have a better understanding on how to assist (Audit, Train, Coach, & Mentor) on-site personnel to ensure VO Clients' HSSE Management Standards are in place with full compliance on all sites within the region.

The drilling industry requires TOPHOT Safety personnel to help Oil & Gas (OG) operators and drilling contractors achieve safety targets and goals and this program is designed to meet those requirements. 

Viva Odyssey is looking at placement opportunities to extend our services to our clients as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and development program in preparation for our consultant to be fully equipped with the hand on experience and developing areas of expertise to work as a drilling HSE Officer/Adviser. This enable VO to produce quality HSE Officers/Advisers and provide mutual benefit to our host as all TOPSHOT Candidates will help improve the client's safety performance further.

Our Host (Client) will be able to utilise our Trainee consultant who are well trained and have offshore experience to perform their task as a Safety Officer/Adviser and coordinate HSE based on their area of training.


Basic Task Requirements

■     Audit sites against Client's safety standards and requirements;

■     Develop systematic and practical action plans to close any audit gaps;

■     Train, Mentor, Advise and Assist site personnel in the implementation of required action items;

■     Advise site managers and superintendents in the day to day safety matters including dissemination and implementation of the safety policies, rules and procedures within the scope of field operations;

■     Assist Site Managers to implement Shell programs on site;

■     Participate and present at site HSSE meetings;

■     Ensure all activities required by the Regional BIP are implemented on site;

■     Deliver training in the local language (English / Bahasa / Chinese).


Audits and Assessments

■     Regular site assessment against Shell standards;

■     Improved site HSSE performance;

■     All sites to be Shell HSSE compliant;

■     Early identification of major risks and hazards;

■     Timely reporting on HSSE matters;

■     On site delivery of required training;

■     Improved Regional communication.



■     HSE Formal Qualification.

■     NIOSH, DOSH or NEBOSH Preferred but not compulsory

■     Other relevant SHO Training 

■     Good communication, analytical and time management skills.

■     High level of Computer literacy (MS suite applications)


Certifications & training

■     OPITO standard BOSIET;

■     Recognized industry training including:

■     Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control; 

■     Incident Response and Investigation;

■     HSE Auditing; 

■     HSE Management Systems; 


Professional Experience (Optional)

■     3-5 years of experience in managing health and safety in the O&G industry with at least 3 years of experience as an HSE supervisor, including development and implementation of management systems and training

■     Exposure to operations and establishing HSSE systems

■     Strong experience in managing subcontractors and service providers


Non-technical and leadership skill requirements

 ■     Self-Motivated to be a leader

■     Full of initiative and dedication

■     Ability to work in multi-disciplinary atmosphere;

■     People orientated and passionate about safety

■     Good command of written and spoken English;

■     Fluent in Bahasa or Chinese added advantage;

■     Adapting to change;

■     Sharing knowledge;

■     Contributing to team/unit/Company;

■     Superior Planning and Organizing skills;

■     Ability to work remotely and independently;

■     Maintain highest level of integrity

■     Enthusiastic and loyal to the program


TOPSHOT Drilling Modules Coverage

■     Volume 1 - Rig Type & Basic Drilling String Components

■     Volume 2 - Basic BOP Equipment

■     Volume 3 - Introduction of Basic Fluids

■     Volume 4 - Mud Circulation & Treating Equipment

■     Volume 5 Hoisting Equipment

■     Volume 6 - Rotating Equipment, Mast and Substructure

■     Volume 7 - Pipe Handling Equipment

■     Volume 8 - Casing & Cementing

■     Volume 9 - Well Logging, Mud Logging and DST

■     Volume 10 - Power Systems & Instrumentation


12 to 1 Safety Program

■     Life Saving Rules (LSR's)

■     11 Process Safety Basic Requirements (PSBR's)

■     10 Think Process Safety Themes (TPST)

■       9  PICNIC Leadership

■       8 Things about Temporary Pipe Work (TPW)

■       7 Steps for Safe Work (Step 7)

■       6 Hands Free (HF) Rules

■       5  Wanted & Unwanted Event Controls (People/Equipment/Process)

■       4 DROPS Principles

■       3 Golden Rules

■       2  Process Safety & Personal Safety focus areas

■       1 Bow Tie


Case Study

■     Incident Investigation - Tap Root & Root Cause Analysis

■     Alert Case Study

■     Intervention and Approach

■     Relating situation to 12 -1

■     BBS


Other Safety Modules

■     52 Offshore Safety Modules




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