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Our Core Values



Safety                             Safety is NOT our priority but it is “ …..Just The Way We Do Things here Daily, Everything, Everyday and Everytime . We will be committed through our Safety Management System (SMS), WATCH Systems, Safety Managements training, and engineering out risks where possible. All Risk will be mitigated to a level whereby it is ALARP and everyone must stop any task that is carried out in an unsafe manner.

Environment       Assist our clients to protect, minimize disruption and pollution of any kind to the environment and people.

Leadership          Leadership by demonstration, commitment and approach. Persistent in seeking innovative solutions to benefit our client, stakeholders and employees.

Attitude                Absolute Honesty and Integrity to ourselves, co-workers and client. Having the right positive thoughts and the right feeling which will lead to good actions in our conduct at all times.

Managing          Managing our cultural differences, recognizing and respecting each other’s religious beliefs and embracing the safety culture in the workplace. We shall give the right experience to develop a positive belief thus influencing ones actions that will lead to a favourable result in developing our safety culture.


Advancement   Assist and encourage our employees through training, work experience and sharing of knowledge to advance within Kencana. Management will focus on technical solution and growth for Kencana to be a well-established drilling contractor in the international arena.

Teamwork             Employees, client and all 3rd parties to focus and work together to achieve the task in hand in a safe and efficient manner at all times.



Our Slogan 

Viva – Saving Lives!

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