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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be an international provider of quality HSE Service to support the Oil & Gas Industry capatilising on our expertise in using advance Safety Management SystemsStrategic Training and allocation of Capable HSE Personnel. We will conduct our business with full integrity and demonstrate our professionalism show in our passion to look after lives and help our clients meet thier safety goals.  Viva will stive to exceed our clients expectation at all times.


Viva Mission is to specialise in:

  • Provision of quality HSE Manpower Services with its wide range of safety personnel onshore and offshore (Officers, Executives, Consultants and Managers)
  • Safety Consultancy Services
  • Strategic Training Programs to support in-house training courses.
  • Provision of quality training and development programs
  • Safety Systems and Unique E-SMART Solutions Applications for statistical reporting 
  • Management & leadership Development programs
  • Corporate and executive Coaching
  • Manpower Services in provision of Consultants who are familiar with offshore safety,drilling operations and HSE Coaches 

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