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SMART Scanning Solutions


The SMART Scanning System will solve your administrative burden by eliminating the administrative and data records management process if you have a safety observation and monitoring cards system in place.  You do not need to change your current card system as the scanners will scan the data of your existing cards once we customise the scanners to read your cards. Also, if you do not have a safety observation card system, the package comes with our recommended safety card called SMART. The system is design to meet the following needs:



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BBS Monitoring System

  • Advanced BBS monitoring and tracking system, analysis & a management tool for reporting safe and unsafe acts and conditions for immediate action and improvement
  • Automated & user-friendly; thus eliminating the need to key in data by the Safety Officer, giving him more time to analyse trends and perform duties at work site instead of doing data entry.
  • SMART uses high-performance scanners that read Safety SMART Cards in batches & processes it automatically. Able to cater to your own safety observation card system. It is developed to fit any card system in use with assured accuracy.
  • Data scanned is then transferred to an off-site server for immediate processing either from your shore-base office or you may opt to use our local shared service support team to eliminate any administrative functions. The cards are matched to the names of personnel present on a daily basis or the POB. Various reports can be generated by the system or our consultant could produce other reports for further analysis.

Web-based Management System

  • Clear, easy to read & understand; SMART System allows crew to report conditions on site effectively & accurately. System correctly reads pencil, pen or marker ink
  • Card designed to be read precisely by the SMART system scanner
  • Simple clean interface to assist in analyzing data easily. Data scanned are processed and sorted automatically.
  • Web-based system accessible anywhere worldwide.
  • Other complementary audit tools could be added on to the package such as the STEP 7 Audit Card, Drop Object Inspection Card, Work at Height Card and First Day/Last Day Survey.


Advance Reporting and Graph Tools

  • Advanced reporting & graph tools provide detailed analysis to aid in safety trend monitoring
  • Automatically generate graphs to visually map areas of interest
  • Highly customizable reporting platform allows system to produce specific reports according to customer's needs.
  • Analytics over a period of time can be plotted to see the bigger picture or trend on demand


Snapshot & Archive Feature

  • Each scanned card are individually identified & sorted according to author and date. A snapshot of every scanned card is available for viewing and comparison
  • Magnifier enables written details to be zoomed in closely
  • Scanned cards are archived for easy retrieval when needed
  • Verifications & investigations to be carried out easily


Customised and Unique BBS Card Designs / Clients Existing Cards

  • VO is able to design a unique Safety Observation Card depending on the clients' requirement.
  • Safety SMART cards are customizable according to customer specifications & requirements to suit all purposes and industries. The customization of the card is complimentary with the purchase of the system. New batches of cards ordered will be on a special rate by the printing company used by VO.  (Optional)
  • Alternatively, if clients have their pre-designed Safety Observations Cards, VO will be able to setup the margins for scanning and data read mode accordingly.




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